About iUNXS by Apple

iUNXS by Apple is owned by aspiring Sexologist, Danesha “Apple” Dawkins. She is pursuing her Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy with an emphasis on Sex Therapy, and she has completed a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Human Sexuality.

iUNXS (pronounced Ee-you-N-iX-S ) is derived from the Greek word Iunx which means sexual awakening. Apple is the CEO alias and it is symbolic to love and sexual intimacy. Therefore, iUNXS by Apple is a perfect representation of her desire for everyone to embrace their sexuality.

iUNXS by Apple is an adult novelty online store that sells affordable upscale and body-safe sex toys and BDSM sets while offering free medically accurate and inclusive Sex Education that promotes sexual liberation, sex positivity, acceptance, and free will.

Our Sex Education content is not governed or limited by the guidelines of any religious beliefs, federal policies, or laws that promote Abstinence-Only Until Marriage (AOUM). Our products and company at large are not affiliated with Apple Inc.

iUNXS by Apple offers retail services that enable aspiring entrepreneurs to join our mission and start their own businesses.

iUNXS by Apple's targeted audience is individuals over 18-year-old regardless of their biological sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, and relationship status.

Ultimately, through Comprehensive Sex Education, iUNXS by Apple is committed to helping you, our esteemed customers, and viewers improve your overall sexual wellness and provide affordable high-end products that enable you to indulge in your fantasies and EMBRACE YOUR SEXUALITY!

So, whether you are sexually awakened, or on the verge, iUNXS by Apple is at your service!