Anal Hygiene

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🍑🧼Anal August has ended but you should still take care of your butt and practice health safe anal hygiene.

🍑🧼🍓Anal hygiene is not just about cleaning the internal and external your anal region properly, it is also about over the health of anal encounters.

Key Notes

🍑🧼Anal cleaning

💫 Just taking a shower safe way to clean the anal because it is the rectum keeps everything high up inside until its time bowel movement, and they pass through the anal cavity

Internal Clean

🍼You can use douche or enema to clean the internal region of the anus and flush out your anal cavity.
To do so:
💧You can fill the bulb with warm water
💧Lubricate the tip with lube (water-based lube with a thick consistency)
💧Then insert it into your butt
💧Squeeze the bulb to expel the water into your rectum
💧Hold it for couple seconds and then remove the douche or enema from your butt
💧Release liquid into the toilet
💧Check if the water is clear
💧If the water is clear sit on the toilet to ensure that all of the water runs out.
💧For verification, you can do another round of douching to ensure the water is 100% clear and then engage in the external cleaning of the anus.
📝 If it is not clear, repeat the process from filling to check the water and until the water is clear.
🚫 Do not repeat this more than 5 to six 6 times.
⚠️ Anal douching is not necessary, do not repeat this practice more than 2 to 3 times in one week.
🚫To maintain your ph balance and prevent infection do not use anything but warm water to rinse out your rectum.

External Clean

🚿This includes clean the outer areas of the anus while taking a shower.
🚿Use a washcloth with soap and warm to gently wash your butt.
🚿 you want to do a sniffing test, apply lube to finger, and insert it into your anus.
📝I smell fresh your good, but if it doesn’t you might want to repeat the process of ditching and external cleaning.
📝You remove you can remove hair around the anal area if you want, or keep it, just make sure that you wash properly.

Clean before and after.

🧽Clean properly that you are willing to use before and after anal sex. This is limited to your anal region or the objects being used for penetration.
🧼Wash your hands and clean your fingernail properly.
📝If you have long fingernail I do not recommend using it for anal play, but if you wish to do so, listen to your body and be extremely cautious because the internal lining of the anus is very delicate and tear easily.

Do not cross-contaminate

☣🧼 Prevent cross-contamination by wash whatever penetrable objects (sex toys, penis, or finger) used in the anus with soap and water before inserting it into your mate’s vagina or mouth.
☣ After using and cleaning sex toys store them in dry areas by themselves without encountering other toys and do not share sex toys with someone else.

Understanding your bowel movement

🥜🍎 Having a poor diet can impair your ability to study and understand your bowel movement.
🍒🍓 Poor diet and lack of understanding can lead to unpredictable and unstable bowel movement and compromise your anal cleaning.
📝 Therefore, you should increase your fiber intake gradually and study your bowel movement.

Cleaning up properly after defecation

💩💧 After you defecate use a bidet to prewash the external part of your anus before using toilet paper.
🧻 Do you rub the surface, but use the tissue to pick up the feces (like you are picking a booger from your nose) prevent it from spreading everywhere and leaving large residue.
📝 Use different pickup directions especially if you have hair around the opening of your butt.
⚠️ Be gentle, you do not want to irritate the opening of the anus, this can lead to tearing which can result in you getting an infection.

Show your butt some Love 💕 ❤

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